Ambling around Brisbane

Nestled on the corner of Kelsey and Martha streets in the Martha St. precinct of East Brisbane, Amble and Adore is the newest addition to this cluster of cafe’s. Previously Birdee and Mia’s, Amble and Adore replaced the much loved cafe’ after the owners sold to follow their hearts and travel abroad.

The mother and daughter team taking over this venue have managed to maintain the homely feel of the location, all the while giving the cafe a facelift, but it is certainly not the tacky kind. Crisp white walls give the place a fresh feeling, while little antiques and beautiful gifts intrigue and relax customers, retaining the venues ability to let customers lose themselves and escape the everyday.


The clothing and gifts in the store are all hand chosen and are all sourced from Australian brands, mostly local Brisbane ones, so you know when you’re purchasing you are supporting local business, which I love to find when shopping for gifts (including ones for myself).


The real question though, while it looks nice and has a great location, is the coffee any good? And I’m happy to say that yes, the coffee I enjoyed with my parter-in-coffee Sarah met my very high coffee-snob standards this morning. Amble and Adore is also jumping on the health-food bandwagon, offering raw and clean-eating cakes and other goodies, so of course, we had to sample one of these, all in the interest of investigation, of course. The raw peppermint slice was a great buddy for the coffee, and was not as rich as it looked, and thus the guilt is not as strong as it probably should be (sorry diet).


All in all this is a great little cafe’ to visit if you are exploring Brisbane, or are a Brisbane local looking to expand your horizons.


Amble and Adore is located at number 1 Kelsey St in Camp Hill on Brisbane’s East side; there is usually on-street parking but you’re heading there in peak hour get in early, because this little strip will be buzzing.


Amble and Adore owner Adrianna
Amble and Adore owner Adrianna


Beautiful teacups for sale in Amble and Adore
Beautiful teacups for sale in Amble and Adore


Amble and Adore giftstore!
Amble and Adore giftstore


Lovely latte and super-healthy raw peppermint slice
Lovely latte and super-healthy raw peppermint slice

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