I Believe I Can Fly

Imagine putting together two things from your childhood to create one awesome thing. Remember that little trampoline that oh-so-many of us had? It had a diameter of about a metre and barely gave you enough air to badly hurt yourself if you fell off. (Which I suspect was a tactical design characteristic)

Now remember all the times little you thought to yourself “imagine if I jump so high I’d fly”; don’t pretend this didn’t happen, we were had our airborne heroes that we wish we could have joined.


Finally, imagine if, as an adult, something became a thing that combined those two memories to create an awesome experience; that allows you to defy gravity and soar through the air, without necessitating a dreaded plane flight. Superman, I’m coming with you now mate.


Well, it’s happened. And I was lucky enough to have this experience on a rainy day in Brisbane.


Bounce Inc.  is an indoor trampolining revolution that is taking Brisbane by storm.


Opening in Brisbane’s Tingalpa in May, Bounce is basically a big warehouse that someone had the brilliant idea of filling with trampolines. And it is definitely a brilliant idea. With six different “arenas” of trampolines, the hour experience that you can purchase for a mere $13 (including socks) goes pretty quick.


Allowing entry for aspiring jumpers ages three and up, Bounce is a really fun time; they have a free jump area (with wall trampolines), a big bag area to practice tricks, a wall-tramp combo to get your Spiderman on (also featuring a big tramp for serious air), a very bouncy dodgeball arena, and a couple of basketball hoops, with the added benefit of am, ahem, “spring floor”.


Staff are at every station to ensure everyone stays safe and follows the rules, and are themselves basically trampoline gymnasts, and some will show you some pretty cool tricks on request.


A warning though, if you ignore their warnings it is on you if you hurt yourself. They can stop you from sharing a trampoline, but they can’t do much about it if you are mid air and attempt a trick that is well beyond your skill level. Specifically, attempting a backflip, chickening out halfway through and landing on your neck; and yes, I’m in a lot of pain today.


Just a little bit of common sense would have prevented that, but this old dog apparently can’t teach herself new tricks. However, if you do want to learn some new tricks, bounce also offers a big variety of classes, so you can learn to do cool stuff without hurting yourself. They also offer a dodgeball league and fitness classes!


And you’d definitely get fit doing those classes, after the hour, my amigos and I looked like we had taken a one-way ride to sweat central. It really is hard work! But a lot of fun, I’d definitely recommend bounce if you’re looking for something fun to do, especially on a rainy day. As an added bonus, the socks that are compulsory to wear on the trampolines are pretty fun colours, and cost a mere $2; which I think is a bargain for any socks in general.


So in the immortal words of Iggy Azalea:

“Make it bounce

Let your hair down, shake that shit, shake that shit, shake that shit

Sweat it out, go nuts in this bitch”


Checking in at Bounce
Checking in at Bounce


Part of the main floor at Bounce: The hoops and wall tramps
Part of the main floor at Bounce: The hoops and wall tramps, big bag and a bit of free-jump


Bargain Bounce Grip Socks
Bargain Bounce Grip Socks


The harder you fall: the higher you bounce
The harder you fall: the higher you bounce





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