Venice’s best kept secret

Venice, the iconic and beautiful city, with its winding narrow streets, iconic canals, and endless bridges and courtyards is another world altogether within Italy; the inherent romance of this city makes it easy to fall in love with.

While not exactly a hub for nightlife, there are a lot of options for those wanting to head out and have a drink or several, but if you’re not wanting to pay top dollar, you’ll have to stalk out where the locals go. Thanks to a friendly local student, we were lucky enough to find this hidden gem on the Canal Grande.


Taverna al Remer is a little bar known mostly to locals, found by tourists only if they have insider information, or are really, really lost. It is located in Campiello Del Remer, a little courtyard overlooking the famous Rialto Bridge.


The courtyard is empty but for the bar, and opens onto the famed Canal Grande, with a tiny pier and of course, a gondola dock. Its secluded nature means that the bar allows patrons to take their glasses into the courtyard, where you can have the magical experience of sitting right on the edge of the canal while sipping your vino.


The bar itself has an incredible vibe, dimmed lights give off an incredibly whimsical, romantic feel, and musical instruments in the form of a grand piano and an array of guitars add to the acoustic nature of the room.


It really is an incredible atmosphere, and manages to achieve this¬†without the obscene price tag that comes along with many of Venice’s best experiences. Between 5:30pm and 7:30pm Remer offers a happy hour that I’ve been pining for since returning to Australia. Five euros will get you a drink and an open pass to a buffet style array of tapas.


If you’re heading to Venice at any stage, this little bar is definitely one to put on your to-do list if you’re looking for a couple of drinks and a relatively cheap meal. Bar Remer manages to deliver the quintessential venice experience, while removing the touristy nature to retain the romance and warmth of Venice.


Although, while indulging in this Italian experience, I’d recommend giving their aperitifs a miss; if anyone tells you Campari is delicious, they’re lying, and you do not need that in your life. Instead, just work up an appetite walking around the beautiful Venice.


Campiello Del Remer
Campiello Del Remer


Bar Remer
Bar Remer


And this is what I could see, exactly where I sat, for nearly 4 hours
And this is what I could see, exactly where I sat, for nearly 4 hours

3 thoughts on “Venice’s best kept secret

  1. I’ve been looking for an excuse to try this bar out for ages and your post just gave me the reason I needed! It sounds great!! Especially the cicchetti buffet!! I’m there!


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