Thank you, Technology

It always seems that there is an app for just about everything these days, and travelling is no exception. While there isn’t yet an app that allows us to just apparate to the remote areas of the globe that we may like to explore, there are certainly a lot of apps out there that can help you out when you’re on an adventure.

On my most recent adventure, there are a few apps that I found particularly useful when trying to get around. Let this be a disclaimer though, I use an iPhone, so I have absolutely no idea if these are available on both, though I daresay they would be, we are in 2014.


So without further adiou, here is my list of the handiest apps for travel, if anyone has any to add, I would love to hear from you! I’m most definitely not an expert in this area!


1) Ulemon: World Maps to go

I am the absolute worst with directions, so a reliable app with accurate maps is of course going to top this list, and I swear Ulemon saved my bacon a LOT while overseas. This handy little app allows you to download city maps for use in offline mode, which is great if you’re not purchasing a data package for overseas. Once the map is downloaded, you can track where you are, and can mark on the map places you’ve been so you can find them again later! It also shows you the top places people have searched, which can be a sneaky way to get the drop on the travel tips others have gathered. This app is a must have, whether you have a brain like a GPS or get lost in your own house, you’ll be able to use this little beauty.




2) Transit

Mastering a different public transport system in every city you visit can be a very tedious task, however with this little app on your side, it’s as easy as one, two, three. Simply enter your start and end points into the app, and it will do all the hard work for you, and will show you the best way to get from A to B. The app doesn’t offer an offline search, so make sure you screenshot your travel plan if you can’t remember it!



3) TripAdvisor

The mobile version of the popular travel site is just as handy as the original website; and works in much the same way. If you’re looking for recommendations in a place you’re already visiting, or looking for a spot you might not know about to visit, it is always worth having a quick look on the TripAdvisor app. Again, while not available in offline, it is really useful when you’re planning ahead!




4) SkyScanner

Skyscanner is one that is useful anytime you know you’re going to need to fly between destinations. Enter your origin and destination airports and the app will search available airline carriers and organise all available flights as per your own specifications. You can specify what time you want to depart, arrive, how many stopovers and how much you want to pay for the flights, and this handy little app will sort out all the info for you, as well as arrange it on a neat little list!




5) Jibbigo 

Unless you’re one of those lucky elite who can switch between a number of different languages in a heartbeat, it is going to be handy to have a translator app. Jibbigo is a speech translator that allows you to speak to your phone to have it translate your words into your language of choice. Available in both online and offline (if you download in advance) this app is super handy when pointing and broken English aren’t enough to get you by.



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