Dinner Under the Cherry Blossoms

Being so close to Asia, Australia is blessed with a lot of different options when it comes to Asian cuisine, and if you’re hunting for Asian food, you’ll rarely be disappointed.  In saying that, things can go well, or they can go brilliantly. Fortunately for me, last night when I ventured out for Japanese, which is not something I normally go for, we scored option number two.

Sakura Hut in Cooparoo is a little escape to Japan for those who can’t afford a flight. Inside the restaurant Japanese lanterns and flags adorn the walls, but the real aesthetic attraction is a gorgeous cherry blossom tree in the centre of the room, complete with fairy lights constantly fading into different colours.

Dinner under the cherry blossoms
Dinner under the cherry blossoms

As an entree, we can never go past gyoza, and the pork gyoza at Sakura hut did not disappoint. To keep up our veggie intake we inhaled some edamame, which is pretty uniform everywhere, but safe to say Sakura hut maintained the standard we’ve come to expect.

Pork gyoza: serving size minus one (couldn't wait!)
Pork gyoza: serving size minus one (couldn’t wait!)
Edamame, if its green it's healthy, right?
Edamame, if its green it’s healthy, right? (again, serving size is bigger then shown, we were hungry ok?)

After downing this slightly ridiculous amount of entree, the main event arrived, which, for me was a pork Donkatsu. This dish is basically deep fried strips of meat with sauce and rice, which is just as delicious as it sounds. Sakura hut serves their Donkatsu with a side salad, which is small enough to not feel like a mission, but big enough to convince yourself you’re having a salad.

Donkatsu for you
Donkatsu for you

While there is a carpark available, you might want to catch the bus to the nearby bus stop to take advantage of the sake and other Japanese beverage options at Sakura hut. But even if sake is not your thing, Sakura hut is definitely worth checking out if you’re after some authentic Japanese grub.

Lovely lanterns
Lovely lanterns

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