NYE: Guidelines on how to not be a tool

Happy New Years readers! Todays article is going out on a limb and assuming that a lot of you will be heading out to celebrate New Years Eve tonight…. am I right?

Given the low frequency with which this event rolls around, todays article is a slightly different one; I am going to impart some wisdom on how you can enjoy your New Years Eve, without being a complete tool. I am drawing here from my experience working many a NYE behind a bar, and you can also consider it a warning, because this year is no different.

This advice may not fit in around the world, I’ve only ever been in Brisbane for the event, but if you’re heading out in Brisbane, please do heed these top tips.

1) Be nice to the bar staff

Though I feel like it should go without saying, basic manners will go even further then usual with bar staff on NYE; put yourself in our shoes, everyone else is out getting as drunk as possible, and we’re just dealing with it. Bad mood bartenders will be looking for excuses to kick drunkards out (at least I will be), and being rude is the easiest way to climb up that list.

2) If you’re drinking champagne all night, buy a bottle

This will be less annoying for everyone involved, less trips to the bar mean less of your party time wasted, and it is ALWAYS more economical to get a bottle. Plus, it will speed service up for your bartender, and all the other people in line if you spend less time there.

3) If you’re drinking cocktails, go to a cocktail bar

It consistently blows my mind that people will come into a pub, order a cocktail and then complain about it (especially ours, when we have a cocktail bar NEXT DOOR). Mate, we specialise in beer and sport, and I care even less about your thoughts on that drink, that I am already annoyed about making, then all the people in the line behind you, who you are now holding up. Brisbane is full of amazing cocktail bars, and so if you’re wanting to be that little bit fancy, go to one of the cocktail bars, see this list for some inspiration! You’ll end up paying the same price, but getting a much, much better product, because they actually care.

4) Have cash 

It is a fact of life that EFTPOS transactions take longer then cash, especially when the machines are in high demand; you’re going out to buy things, so take the stuff that allows you to do so quickly.

5) We make the rules

If we say no, the answer is no. The customer is rarely right, and if you feel the need to argue the point, remember bar staff are the ones who decide who remains a customer.

6) Don’t expect something for nothing

We can’t even give our friends free stuff when we want to. In what universe is it acceptable to ask someone for a discount, overpour or free drink when you don’t even know them?

Most importantly, obviously, have fun and stay safe!

Happy partying Brisbane, it is now appropriate to get wild. x

2 thoughts on “NYE: Guidelines on how to not be a tool

  1. Dear Wild Australian,
    I’ve been looking for an inspiration to run my own travelling blog, for ages until now. I love the way you write, everything is clear, interesting and precise. Even the design is the way I would do it! Keep it going! Thank you and I promise I’ll be frequent visitor!


    1. Hi Paulina! Thank you so much for the support! Make sure you let me know what your blog is so I can follow you back :)


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