Surviving Vegas 101

Las Vegas, the infamous city in the middle of the desert in Nevada, brings in thousands of tourists every year to tempt them with all things sinful. Vegas caters for their touristy audience by being the big, bright and over the top, and they’ve made that look work for them in a big way. But like any touristy city, there is a life underneath all the glitter and lights, and if you’re wanting to avoid the tourist traps, you’ll want to tap into it.

I spent a bit of time in Vegas on my last trip to the states, and managed to find out a lot of ways to get around in the city without having a disaster so big it ruins your trip. So these are the best tips that I can give you when it comes to surviving Vegas.

1) Don’t go it alone on the strip

If you’re hitting up the Vegas strip, and lets be honest, that is the point of going there, avoid being on your own whenever possible. There are a myriad of different street urchins EVERYWHERE who will harass you for just about anything, I personally got accosted walking a very short distance by what I can only describe as three giants, who harassed me to buy their CD to the point where I bought the stupid thing just to make them go away. Needless to say, it was not my type of music, and probably not suited to those who have any level of hearing above profound deafness.

2) If you’re flexible with dates, go during the week

If you’re planning a trip to Vegas and have a bit of time off during the week, that is definitely the time to visit it, Vegas goes off every night so you’re not really losing out, and the prices for the strip casino’s plummets on weekdays.

3) Venture off the strip if you’re expecting to win

It doesn’t take a lot of common sense to know that if you’re gambling in a strip casino, your chances of winning are next to nothing. In saying that it isn’t impossible, but the odds are definitely against you. Try locals casino’s like Fiesta if you’re wanting to level the odds ever so slightly.

4) Outlet shopping is a must-do

The outlet shopping centres at either end of the mall are a great way to snag a bargain, as is Ross on the strip up the South End.  You can find stuff ridiculously cheap out there, and it is reasonably cheap to catch the bus up the strip that stops right outside the mall. But be warned, that is a long bus ride in the strip traffic.

5) Avoid Downtown

Old Vegas has its share of charm, but is most definitely not a safe place, particularly if you’re a young female travelling alone. There was not a lot of time that I spent there that I felt safe; remember this is a mob-created city and downtown is the run down part of it, and the scammers, urchins and pickpockets all have to live somewhere…..

The Centre of the strip
The Centre of the strip
The Forum
The Forum
The view from our room at Hurrahs!
The view from our room at Hurrahs!
The mirage
The Mirage
One of the statues at Ceasers
One of the statues at Ceasers

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