The Red-Hot Ginger Pig of Byron

The two greatest things, in my opinion, about living in Australia are beach trips and great food, and if I can have a day that combines those two things, well, that is just the best time ever.

I was lucky enough to spend my weekend down in Byron Bay with my lady Hollie, who is also a fan of beaches and good food. Unfortunately for us it rained the whole weekend, so the beach didn’t really happen, but we more then compensated for that by setting out to find the best food in Byron.

And we may well have discovered it when we visited the Ginger Pig; purely by chance when it was the venue closest to the carpark we found. That carpark, it turns out, turned out to be one of those butterfly effect moments were one minute you’re stressed because you can’t find a park ANYWHERE in the rain, and the next, you’ve eaten yourself into a food coma, and are not regretting a minute of it.

The Ginger Pig itself is a funky little venue in Bryon with couches and board games galore, a big kid retreat to the point where the drinks menu’s are disguised as children’s books. The awesome vibe had us sure that we’d picked a good spot for lunch.

Gulping down a green juice while browsing the menu, we considered a liquid lunch before the impressive array of options took that idea right off the table.

It was a struggle to decide but in the end I went with a lamb kofta burger, and even though I looked 9 pregnant after eating it, I had absolutely no regrets. Everything about the burger was perfection, and I think it may go down in history as the best burger I have ever eaten.

If you’re venturing down to Byron and are looking for a feast, head down to the Ginger Pig.

Relaxing at the Ginger Pig
Relaxing at the Ginger Pig
Getting my greens
Getting my greens
Arguably the best burger ever
Arguably the best burger ever

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