Brisbane’s Worst Vegetarian Restaurant

While I like to think I am fairly open-minded, being vegetarian is something that is definitely not for me; mostly because there are few foods I enjoy more then a big, juicy steak. Considering there are few things more Australian then steak, the family and I heading out on Australia Day to a place I imagine vegos call “hell”.

The Norman Hotel in Woolloongabba offers pub-style meals with a twist: almost all of the options involve Australian-sourced steaks, mostly from around QLD. Definitely targeted at steak connoisseurs, you’ll know what the cow ate, where it came from, and how long it has been aged for before ordering.

Not for the light of heart, the uncooked steaks are presented in a glass cabinet right next to the till, and if you are super fussy, you can pick exactly which one you’re after. Basically every cut is available, from filet minion and eye fillet, to rump and T-bone.

The steaks are all served with your choice of sauce, a baked potato, bread roll and salad, stripping the meal back to basics to make sure the full focus is put on the main act, which is of course, some top quality meat.

The entire venue seems to follow this philosophy, there is no table or drinks service, or anything super fancy, in fact, you’ll even have to go collect your food when it is ready. But you know what they say, there is beauty in simplicity.

Despite the no-frills service, the food and the bar are both top quality, and the no table-service is almost liberating, you’re free to enjoy the very full bar, which is home to a very impressive array of tap beers.

All in all, the Norman is definitely a fantastic place to catch up with friends over a great meal, (assuming they all eat meat) there is plenty of space, plenty of food, and plenty to drink. Be prepared to nurse a serious food baby after a session here.

To see some shots from the day, and to see all of my adventures, follow @thewildaustralian on instagram and twitter!

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