Brisbane by Night

It may only be because I’ve lived here for so long that I feel like this, but one of the things that I am constantly thankful for in Brisbane is how safe it is to walk around at night. Thank god too, because this city sure is beautiful at night! This is just some snaps from a little stroll I took with my fellow Potterhead Amy a couple of weeks back.

Southbank is Brisbane’s famous man-made beach directly across from the city, and is an absolute treat to visit during the day. However at night, it comes alive with a menagerie of restaurants, late night cafe’s, markets, and of course, several dessert places.

If you’re a bit poor, or if you just want to have a really quality catch up with a great friend (or a cheeky date I guess, if you’re so inclined): it is well worth just getting an ice cream from one of the many places in Southbank, and walking down along the river to absorb some serenity and great views.

This is just what Amy and I did, and we came across this little lawn, right down the Kangaroo Point end of Southbank on the river. It was a gorgeous spot to sit down, chill out and enjoy our ice cream. Super quiet and out of the way, it is the perfect inner-city escape.

How's the serenity?
How’s the serenity?
Now that's a manicured lawn
Now that’s a manicured lawn
Kinda makes you want to catch a ferry right?
Kinda makes you want to catch a ferry right?
Stairs or Seating?
Stairs or Seating?

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