Florence’s picnic point

The beautiful city of Florence is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a cheeky vino. It’s impossible to go wrong if you’re looking for a place to just sit and watch the city go by. In saying that, there are degrees of “right”.

And the Piazza Del Michalangelo is probably the highest degree of right.

A short stroll to the outskirts of the city, the Piazza Del Michalangelo  gives a birds eye view of Florence. You can sit on the stairs while the sun sets over the city; pack a picnic (and by picnic, I mean wine and glasses) and just enjoy the beauty that is Florence.

A word of warning though, that short stroll is not one you’d want to be doing on your own too long after dark. No city is devoid of the kind that crawl out of the woodwork after dark, looking for an easy target in a tourist.

We didn’t have a single altercation overseas, which was a great combination of luck and knowing exactly what we’re doing.

So long as you don’t take too much vino and keep your wits about you; having a wine above Florence is definitely not an experience you’ll forget anytime soon!

Piazza Del Michelangelo
Piazza Del Michelangelo
Birds Eye View
Birds Eye View
What's a sunset without wine?
What’s a sunset without wine?

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