Deep Cove

Doughnuts and hiking are two of my favourite things, I’m always after a life that balances the two of these, and in North Vancouver, I found it.

Fortunately enough in Vancouver BC, I was given an insight to a place that facilitated this combination of doughnuts and hiking.


Hopping on the 211 on Granville St, Helen and I made an ever too late start on our journey to the fabled North Vancouver.


Bumbling our way along when we got there, we happened upon the “Baden Powell” trail, and made our way up the side of Mt Fromme. The hike itself took us maybe an hour, but it’s safe to say we did not reflect the epitome of fitness. The challenge was slightly greater than we anticipated, but that says more about our misplaces ego than it does the track information.


All the way to the top we were treated to stunning views of crystal clear water glittering through gaps in the trees. And when we reached the lookout point, we were treated to the whole gem.


The brightest blue ocean I had ever seen stretched out to mountain ranges that looked as though they could have been at the edge of the earth. The view looked more like a painting than real life, if I had the chance, I’d still be looking at that view.


Knowing our hiking abilities to be fairly limited thanks to our constant and excessive consumption of beer however, the sun threatening to dip under the mountain gave us incentive to move downhill.


Back in Deep Cove, we headed straight for Honey’s, a bakery that was rumoured to have the best doughnuts in the world. And oh lord, they were right.


The fluffy, buttery goodness that is a honey’s doughnut would make any of the emerging doughnut artists in Brisbane bow down to the doughnut deity. I’m still waiting for someone in my vicinity to even come close to these doughnuts. If I had my chance again, I’d have visited Honey’s before and after the hike, because energy, and because dessert.


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