Surviving Vegas 101

Las Vegas, the infamous city in the middle of the desert in Nevada, brings in thousands of tourists every year to tempt them with all things sinful. Vegas caters for their touristy audience by being the big, bright and over the top, and they’ve made that look work for them in a big way. But like any touristy city, there is a life underneath all the glitter and lights, and if you’re wanting to avoid the tourist traps, you’ll want to tap into it.

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Getting Seal-ley in San Francisco

Embracing the local wildlife is sometimes the most interesting, and almost always the cutest part of visiting a new city, and San Francisco was no exception for that rule. If you find yourself in San Fran, it is almost impossible to stop yourself taking a stroll down to Pier 39 to check out the cutest sea-lebrities ever.

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Brisbane’s Taste of Italy

While Italy remains close to a 25 hour flight from Brisbane, our love of Italian food is as strong as if they were next door, and that means competition is fierce to find the best Italian in our great city. Last night though, I was fortunate enough to head out to one of Brisbane’s best destinations for Italian cuisine.

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Go Jump off a Bridge, Literally

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to jump off a bridge and plummet towards certain death, but you don’t want to actually die, or hurt yourself at all, then bungee jumping may be the hobby for you. I don’t know what possessed me to visit Whistler to do a bungee jump, but I did, and it was awesome.

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Dinner Under the Cherry Blossoms

Being so close to Asia, Australia is blessed with a lot of different options when it comes to Asian cuisine, and if you’re hunting for Asian food, you’ll rarely be disappointed.  In saying that, things can go well, or they can go brilliantly. Fortunately for me, last night when I ventured out for Japanese, which is not something I normally go for, we scored option number two.

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It’s Always Summer in Kangaroo Point

Opening in May of 2014, Summer House in Kangaroo Point is the love child venue of three kiwi lads, and despite my love of paying out our cousins from across the way, these gentlemen in particular cannot be praised highly enough for this venue.


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The Not-so-Dicky Dicky Beach

While Schoolies week is busy turning the Gold Coast into an drunken underage orgy, the weather in Brisbane is most definitely necessitating a trip to the beach. Fortunately enough, residents of Brisbane have plenty of options. This trip, we took the option of the very underrated Dicky beach up on the Sunshine Coast, named after the shipwreck adorning the sand near the flags.

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Strolling around Brisbane: Paddington to Southbank

This weekend Brisbane was lucky enough to be the host of the G20 (group of 20); a meeting of the leaders of 19 different countries and the EU held annually so these leaders can discuss and knot-out some of the biggest problems facing the world.

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The Wildest Part of San Francisco

Travelling in foreign cities usually necessitates at least some sort of involvement with tour companies, be it for a day, week or month. In a city like San Francisco, where the main industry is tourism, you will be presented with an insane number of options for tours.

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